Annual Curated Data

Curated data are released annually through the NIMH Data Archive, beginning with an interim release (Data Release 1.0) that was made available in 2018. Data Release 2.0 contained high quality baseline data from the full participant cohort, including:

  • Minimally processed brain image volumes
  • Tabulated MRI data including
    • high resolution structural MRI (3D T1 – and T2 – weighted),
    • diffusion MRI,
    • resting-state fMRI, and
    • task fMRI (Monetary Incentive Delay, Stop-Signal, and Emotional N-Back).
  • Non-imaging assessment data related to
    • physical & mental health,
    • substance use,
    • culture & environment,
    • neurocognition, and
    • biospecimen analyses
  • Residential history derived data from
    • EPA Smart Location Database,
    • FBI Uniform Crime Report,
    • American Community Survey Area Deprivation Index,
    • Elevation from Google Maps, and
    • NASA Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center population density and satellite-based pollution measures

The ABCD Study is designed to include a diverse population that reflects the demographics of the U.S., however these interim data may not capture that diversity as enrollment is not yet complete. All personally identifiable information is removed from the data to ensure participant confidentiality and anonymity. Data can be accessed via the NDA by researchers who obtain a free NIMH Data Archive account.

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