Contact Information

The ABCD Research Consortium consists of a Coordinating Center, a Data Analysis and Informatics Center, and 21 research sites across the country. Click on the site names (or map pins) for more information.

ABCD Coordinating Center

Principal Investigators: Drs. Terry Jernigan and Sandra A. Brown Manager: David Benjamin

Data Analysis, Informatics & Resource Center (DAIRC)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Anders Dale Associate Director, Bioinformatics: Dr. Rongguang Yang

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Principal Investigators: Drs. Elizabeth Sowell and Megan Herting Site Coordinator: Kimberly Garcia Phone: (323) 361-7756

Florida International University

Principal Investigators: Drs. Raul Gonzalez and Angela Laird Site Coordinator: Dayana Paula Phone: (305) 348-ABCD (2223)

Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR)

Principal Investigators: Drs. Martin P. Paulus and Robin Aupperle Phone: (918) 502-ABCD (2223)

Medical University of South Carolina

Principal Investigators: Drs. Lindsay Squeglia and Kevin Gray Phone: 843-792-1999

Oregon Health & Science University

Principal Investigators: Drs. Bonnie J. Nagel, Sarah W. Feldstein Ewing and Damien Fair Site Coordinator: Rachel Flaherty Phone: (503) 418-2222

SRI International

Principal Investigators: Drs. Fiona Baker and Eva Müller-Oehring Site Coordinator: Anya Harkness Phone: (650) 687-7742

UC San Diego

Principal Investigators: Drs. Susan Tapert and Joanna Jacobus Site Coordinators: Rachel Baca and Norma Castro Phone: (858) 280-6398


Principal Investigators: Drs. Susan Bookheimer and Mirella Dapretto Site Coordinator: Christina Caldera Phone: (310) 794-0089

University of Colorado Boulder

Principal Investigators: Drs. Marie Banich and Naomi Friedman Site Coordinator: Jennifer Keith Phone: (303) 335-9070

University of Florida

Principal Investigators: Drs. Sara Jo Nixon and Linda Cottler Site Coordinator: Sarah Ramos Phone: (352) 273-7333

University of Maryland at Baltimore

Principal Investigators: Drs. Thomas Ernst and Linda Chang Site Coordinator: Christine Cloak Phone: (410) 706-2223 (ABCD)

University of Michigan

Principal Investigators: Drs. Mary Heitzeg and Chandra Sripada Site Coordinators: Maria Dziubinski and Aaron Hayes Phone: ‪(734) 407-7696

University of Minnesota

Principal Investigators: Drs. Monica M. Luciana and Sylia Wilson Site Coordinator: Aaron Schroeder Phone: (612) 963-8770

University of Pittsburgh

Principal Investigators: Drs. Duncan Clark and Beatriz Luna Site Coordinator: Cynthia Ruglovsky Phone: (412) 647-ABCD (2223)

University of Rochester

Principal Investigators: Drs. John Foxe and Edward Freedman Site Coordinator: Brianna Leonardo Phone: (585) 275-2546

University of Utah

Principal Investigators: Drs. Deborah Yurgelun-Todd and Perry Renshaw Site Coordinator: Kirsten Cline Phone: (801) 213-2094

University of Vermont

Principal Investigator: Dr. Alexandra Potter Site Coordinator: Zoe Hulce Phone: (802) 847-4562

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Principal Investigators: Drs. Krista Lisdahl and Christine Larson Site Coordinator: Caitlin Nelson Phone: (414) 229 – 6561

Virginia Commonwealth University

Principal Investigators: Drs. James Bjork and Mike Neale Site Coordinator: Lisa Straub Phone: (804) 828-4085

Washington University in St. Louis

Principal Investigators: Drs. Pamela Madden, Deanna M. Barch and Andrew Heath Site Coordinator: Michael Hase Phone: 314-296-1390

Yale University

Principal Investigators: Drs. Arielle Baskin Sommers, B.J. Casey and Dylan Gee Site Coordinator: Jennifer DiMuzio Phone: (203) 212-9975