Scientific Community

The ABCD Consortium is made up of a Coordinating Center (CC), Data Analysis and Informatics Center (DAIC), and 21 research sites across the country. The ABCD CC, DAIC, and Consortium Workgroups have established standardized and harmonized assessments of neurocognition, physical and mental health, social and emotional functions, and culture and environment. They also have established multimodal structural and functional brain imaging and bioassays. Brain imaging and biospecimen collection for genetic and epigenetic analyses will be done every other year, and the remaining assessments will be conducted semi-annually or annually. Click here to view detailed summaries of the assessment protocols.


ABCD data will be made available
to scientists around the world

Sandra Brown, Ph.D., UC San Diego

One goal of the multisite longitudinal ABCD Study is to create a unique data resource for the entire scientific community by embracing an open science model. The ABCD Study will release curated, anonymized data annually to the research community (along with the computational workflows used to produce the data). ABCD data releases will begin 1 year after data collection begins. Information on how to access ABCD data through the ABCD Portal will be available on this website at a later date.

Sharing ABCD data in this way will allow scientists from all over the world to conduct analyses, pool resources, and enrich the value of this study by rapidly expanding the types of scientific questions answered.