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ABCD Site Highlight

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study site at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (UWM) has been recruiting families since January 2017. Led by Dr. Krista Lisdahl, the UWM ABCD Study team will enroll 370 youth and their parents. The team is currently busy with summer recruitment efforts at community pools, day camps, and summer concerts where we speak about the study with interested families. One of our favorite things is welcoming back our enrolled families for their 1-year follow-up visits. It is a real treat to watch our junior scientists grow and to hear about their fun summer activities (Wisconsinites truly know how to enjoy their summers—go Brewers!). We greatly appreciate all our community school partners and families for being a part of the ABCD Study!

group gameOur families come from all over Milwaukee and the surrounding areas; even a few hail from Illinois! During their visits, they enjoy snacks in our breakroom (we hear Izze and cookies are the fan favorites) and help put together puzzles that we will hang in our ABCD Study rooms. Some of the students are currently working on a space puzzle to go in our space shuttle room (see photo)! They enjoy coming back for their follow-up visits and seeing the puzzle they helped create hanging on the wall. In the photo to the left, one of our participants is showing off her progress on the space puzzle!

Our diverse ABCD Study team (see photo) comprises study investigators and psychology, premedicine, and neuroscience undergraduate and graduate students, as well as several recent graduates. We are eager to contribute to this groundbreaking study, especially by examining how health factors, such as physical activity, sleep, screen time, and early substance use, impact child and adolescent brain and emotional health.

VCU teamMembers of the UWM ABCD Study Team:
Back row (left to right): Kelah Hatcher, Bridget Stemper,
Jose De La O, Kyle Jennette, Danny Mulligan, Krista Lisdahl (Principal Investigator), and Erick Bernal
Middle row (left to right): Megan Kangiser, Sarah Lehman, Michael Kofi Esson, Alex Wallace, and Christine Kaiver
Front row (left to right): Bridgette Knecht, Natalia Sotelo, Angelina Lochner, Markia Silverman-Rodriguez, Kristen Leer,
and MaryBeth Groth

Students' Space

Although we are not an official twin site, we have enjoyed meeting several pairs of twins. Pictured here are two junior ABCD scientist twins who completed the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan back-to-back (see photo below).

Lego UWM twin participants having back-to-back MRI scans.

Did You Know?

Your brain runs on electricity, and it can produce enough power to light a 25-watt bulb!

Race car
Source: Cleveland Clinic

Fun Fact
Fun Fact About Wisconsin
Wisconsinites have been taking the Polar Plunge, jumping in frozen lakes, since 1916

Photo: Wisconsinites take the polar plunge!

Source: WSAU

ABCD In The News

Many ABCD Child Participants Engage in Arts Education
Sunil Iyengar, Director of Research & Analysis at the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal partner of the ABCD Study, recently published a blog post about children’s rates of arts participation. He summarized early findings from the ABCD Study showing that many participants engage in extracurricular arts education, including music, dance, visual arts, drama, and crafts (data come from approximately 4,500 participants). Because many of the study’s participants engage in arts education, scientists may be able to determine why some children are interested in music, dance, drama, and other forms of artistic expression. “This sample suggests that there will be sufficient data from the full cohort for investigators ultimately to drill down into other variables interacting with those arts participation rates. That’s good news for long-term research about [the effects of the arts on children’s development].” Click here to read more.

Dayana PaulaABCD Staff Member of the Month
Congratulations to Dayana Paula, Florida International University (FIU) Site Coordinator, for her dependability, commitment to ABCD since its beginnings, and her tireless dedication and leadership!


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