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Medical University of South Carolina

The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study site at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), led by Drs. Lindsay Squeglia and Kevin Gray, began enrolling families in April 2017. To date, the MUSC ABCD team has enrolled nearly 200 families with the help of the local community and school MUSC Urban Farmdistricts. We have a hard-working and enthusiastic team that enjoys meeting new families and providing them with fun, enriching science-filled days.

Founded in 1824 in Charleston, MUSC is the oldest medical school in the South and has built strong relationships with the surrounding community over the last 200 years. The MUSC ABCD recruitment team is dedicated to sustaining these relationships with community members by hosting recruitment events at local elementary schools that have included holiday shows, health fairs, winter festivals, and PTA meetings. We bring a life-size model brain and brain coloring pages to events to teach students and parents/guardians about the brain’s structure and function

When participants are ready for a break during their ABCD visit, they can join their family for a snack or lunch at the MUSC Urban Farm (see photo) where students, faculty, staff members, and the Charleston community come together to learn about the connection between land and food, and sustainable urban agriculture. The Urban Farm also gives volunteers seasonal crops grown on the farm, and hosts weekly Work & Learns, fun family activities, and yoga classes. We are grateful that this outdoor space provides our ABCD families with fresh air and space to run around during their visits with us.

Happy New Year from the MUSC ABCD team!

UFL Team
Members of the MUSC ABCD team.
Top Row (left to right): Dr. Lindsay Squeglia, Dominic Ingram, and Dr. Kevin Gray. Bottom Row (left to right): Anna Porter, Lindsay Meredith, Saima Akbar, and Claudia Salazar

ABCD In The News

MUSC joins national study of how screen time and other factors affect child brain development
Dr. Lindsay Squeglia and Dr. Kevin Gray (Co-Principal Investigators at MUSC) discuss what they hope to learn from the ABCD Study, as well as their favorite aspects of working with the participants: “I like this as a learning opportunity for families to get involved in science and to play a part in discovery.” Click here to read more. (ABCD News 4, 11/28/17)

Huge study of teen brains could reveal roots of mental illness, impacts of drug abuse
Dr. Monica Luciana (Principal Investigator at the University of Minnesota) and Dr. Hugh Garavan (Principal Investigator at the University of Vermont) discuss how the ABCD Study plans to provide standardized benchmarks of healthy adolescent brain development in Science Magazine. Click here to read the full article. (Science Magazine, 01/03/18)

Dr. Rolf LoeberABCD Staff Member of the Month!
Congratulations to Mary Soules, University of Michigan Lab Manager! Mary has been instrumental in keeping the University of Michigan ABCD site running smoothly and ensuring high quality data, while also lending her time and expertise to task development and improvements to the database. Thank you, Mary, for your many contributions to the ABCD Study! Source: University of Michigan

Students' Space

An ABCD participant getting ready to practice staying still in a mock MRI scanner.

Did You Know?
Last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released its annual report, Health, United States, which features a segment on factors related to adolescent health status, including teenage childbearing, tobacco use, suicide deaths and obesity. Click here to read the full report.

CDC report
Source: Spotlight on Health Status & Determinants: Adolescent Health, CDC

Fun Fact
Fun Fact About Charleston

For the fifth year in a row, Charleston has been voted as the top U.S. city by Travel & Leisure, and last year Charleston was voted as the top city in the world! We agree!

Image: Tour Charleston, LLC

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