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Oregon Health & Science University

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) began enrolling families in the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study in November 2016. OHSU is based in Portland and is the only academic health center in Oregon. The OHSU ABCD Study team brings together three laboratories at OHSU, where the focus has been studying brain development to ultimately improve the well-being of youth.

MUSC Urban FarmLed by Drs. Bonnie Nagel, Sarah Feldstein Ewing, and Damien Fair, the OHSU ABCD team has enrolled 360 families across six school districts thus far. Our dedicated and energetic team focuses on building positive relationships with families, getting kids excited about brain science, and helping them feel safe and comfortable during their visits. Kids earn stretchy wrist bands as they complete activities and trade them in at the end of the day for fun prizes of their choosing. We also take basketball breaks to promote physical activity. Our team is enjoying welcoming new families to the study and our enrolled families back for their annual visits!

ABCD families can ride the Portland Aerial Tram, the nation’s only aerial commuter tram (see photo) to and from their visits! OHSU oversees operation of the tram. At its base is the most transportation-diverse intersection in the country, including a pedestrian bridge, a streetcar, a cycle track, a shipyard, and parking for cars, buses, shuttles, and even bikes! We hope our families enjoy their ABCD visits and we look forward to seeing everyone again in 2018. Happy New Year from the OHSU ABCD Team!

UFL Team
Members of the OHSU ABCD team, with six
research associates, six magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
data scientists, and our three principal investigators:
Bottom row (left to right): Jessye Lavine, Ally Chiapuzio, Ellie Sceeles, Jessica Patching-Bunch, and Philip Robinson.
Middle row (left to right): Dr. Bonnie Nagel, Ana Howard, Dr. Oscar Miranda-Dominguez, Emma Schifsky, and Rachel Klein.
Back row (left to right): Anders Perrone, Dr. Sarah Feldstein Ewing, Dr. Damien Fair, Rachel Flaherty, and Eric Earl.

ABCD In The News

Tracking kids’ brains over 10 years, OHSU launching new development study
Drs. Damien Fair and Sarah Feldstein Ewing, Co-Principal Investigators at OHSU, elaborate on what makes the ABCD Study unique and the questions they hope to answer: “How do sports injuries affect the brain …, and how do different [experiences] alter the course of development over time?” Click here to read more. (KVAL Eugene Oregon, 1/16/17)

Dr. Rolf LoeberABCD Staff Member of the Month!
Congratulations to Marina Bryants, lead research assistant at the University of Minnesota, for her stellar work ethic within the Twin Hub, her initiative, and her constant striving to enhance the efficiency of the ABCD Study!
Source: University of Minnesota

Students' Space

Participants can color a brain and write what they liked most about being in the study (see photo below).

Question asked by a participant prior to the MRI:
“Are you going to be able to see my secrets?”

“MRI can help us see what your brain looks like and how it functions, but don’t worry, your secrets are safe!”

Did You Know?
You can learn about the anatomy and function of your brain with this interactive brain map.

CDC report
Source: BrainFacts.org

Fun Fact
Fun Fact About Portland

No matter where you are in Portland, you are never more than a 15- minute walk from a public park. There are almost 300 parks in Portland, including one of the world’s smallest (see photo below)!

Credit: Mental Floss

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