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University of Maryland, Baltimore

The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study Site at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) has been enrolling 9-and 10-year-old children for 9.5 months, thanks to the generous time UMBand help from families in the Baltimore area. The team, led by Drs. Linda Chang and Thomas Ernst, moved their research program from Hawaii to Maryland in the spring of 2017 to start the ABCD study at UMB, and have enrolled nearly 300 children and their families to date. (Photo of UMB School of Medicine, Source: theinlinegroup.com)

The UMB School of Medicine, where participants undergo the MRI portion of the study, was chartered in 1807 and is the nation’s oldest public medical school. It is also just minutes from Baltimore’s historic Inner Harbor that was once the second biggest port of entry for immigrants to the U.S., after Ellis Baltimore HarborIsland. Nowadays, it is a popular tourist spot where our ABCD families can visit the National Aquarium and the Maryland Science Center, enjoy a meal at a fun restaurant, or browse the shops that line the harbor. (Photo of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, Source: Visit Baltimore)

Earlier this year, UMB was featured in an article about the ABCD Study in Science Magazine. We are so grateful to our ABCD families for their enthusiastic support of brain science and the UMB ABCD Site!

UMB Team
Members of the UMB ABCD team:
Back row (left to right): Juanette Reece, Dianne Kaschak, Brenda Hanna-Pladdy, Eric Cunningham, Linda Chang,
Thomas Ernst, Dinesh Shukla, and Bosco Huang.
Front row (left to right): Hua-Jun Liang, Pedro Rodriquez, Christine Cloak, DeeDee Ismail, and Gloria Reeves.
ABCD In The News

Biggest study ever of teen brains to reveal how screen time affects kids
The ABCD Study was featured on the Today Show on January 31st. Host, Maria Shriver, interviewed UCLA’s Principal Investigator, Dr. Susan Bookheimer, as part of Today’s “Brain Power” series. The episode also profiled two study participants, 9- and 10-year-old Nick and Gemma, who shared how ABCD has changed their perspectives on the brain: Nick thinks his brain is “a very big one,” while Gemma calls hers “really cool” and the most important part of her body!
Click here to watch (Today Show, 1/31/18).

University of Maryland explores how actions affect brain development in kids
The UMB site is featured in the Baltimore Sun! Click here to read the story (The Baltimore Sun, 2/23/18).

Jennifer KeithABCD Staff Member of the Month!

Congratulations to Jennifer Keith, Research Coordinator at the University of Colorado ABCD Site, for her outstanding professionalism and leadership! Under Jennifer’s direction, recruitment, planning, and site operations run smoothly, and the project team has developed a rapport with the children and families so that they leave with “smiles on their faces”.

Students' Space

Students love making brain hats and playing with puzzles during breaks
(see photos)!
UMB participant
UMB participant

Did You Know?
Have you heard the saying, “birds of a feather flock together” to describe how we tend to socialize with people who are most like us?

Researchers at Dartmouth College wanted to test this idea and determine whether they could predict degree of friendship based on brain activity. They asked University students to identify close friends, friends of friends, and distant acquaintances. Participants then viewed videos while undergoing MRI. Researchers found that brain activity among best friends was disarmingly similar, and that they could predict who was friends with whom! According to lead author of the study, Thalia Wheatley, “We found that the further you go out in the (social) network, at least up to three degrees of separation, then the less similar you are in terms of the way you see the world.”

Click here
to read more (Discover Magazine, 1/30/18).
Fun Fact
Fun Fact About Baltimore

The American National Anthem was inspired by the events at the Battle of Baltimore, one of the key moments in the War of 1812.
Battle of Baltimore map
Source: Baltimore Magazine

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