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University of California San Diego

UCSD ABCD TeamThe University of California, San Diego is excited to be part of this groundbreaking research project on adolescent development!

San Diego is a vibrant community that has embraced the UC San Diego mission to create a diverse global society through education, research and discovery, and engagement in public service. Led by Dr. Susan Tapert and her ABCD research team, the UC San Diego site is one of the many sites enrolling 9- and 10-year-olds and their families. So far, 100 students have enrolled in the study, with hundreds more planning to enter in the next year and a half.

FestivalOur team developed relationships with the San Diego, Chula Vista, Vista, and Jamul-Dulzura Unified School Districts. We attended events at 27 of our partner schools, where we talked to families about the brain, gave away prizes, and answered questions about being in the study. It was a joy to see the creative Halloween costumes of our potential future participants (Photos: UC San Diego Team, and UC San Diego Research Assistant Evan Winiger at the Fall Festival at Garfield Elementary School).

Enrolled families have reported that this project was a fun and fulfilling opportunity for them and their children. Participants enthusiastically leave their appointments with a new ABCD t-shirt, a prize for their hard work, and a picture of their brain!

ABCD In The News

This study could unlock the mysteries of teen brain development
Read about how the ABCD study was born and what it will tell us about adolescent development. Click here!
(STAT, Jan. 5, 2017)

Students' Space

Brain drawing

When asked what his favorite part about the ABCD visit was, one student wrote, "It felt a little weird getting paid to have fun!"

Did You Know?

Your brain is surrounded by a clear and colorless liquid called cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid acts like a cushion in case you hit your head. It also keeps infections out of your brain.

(Science Kids*)

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