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Laureate Institute for Brain Research: Tulsa, Oklahoma

UCSD ABCD TeamSince the study's launch, the Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR) has enrolled over 200 children and their families in the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study! So far, we have 36 participating schools in the area.

The focus at LIBR is on fun. In our lobby, we have an old-fashioned popcorn machine, a coffee station for parents, an Apple TV, and fun games for break times. There are always other kids to have snacks and play with during breaks. (Photo above: A LIBR research assistant meets with a participant and her mother.)

FestivalOur team has provided outreach programs for our participating schools to learn about the brain. Students get to make a model neuron or brain art project, see and feel real sheep brains, and learn about brain development, health, and safety. These activities are all part of our Healthy Brains for Healthy Kids Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) program. (Photo above: Remington Elementary students at one of the enrichment outreach programs.)

Fun Fact

Office Clinton Riggs with Yield SignFun Fact About Tulsa:
The first yield sign in the United States was used in Tulsa. Clinton Riggs was its designer (photo of Officer Riggs, on right. Credit slowsigns.com).

ABCD In The News

Bay Area Researchers to Probe Teen Brains to Study Development
ABCD Study Principal Investigators Dr. Fiona Baker and Dr. Ian Colrain (at SRI International) discuss the study’s goals of understanding the interrelationships among biological, environmental, social, and behavioral aspects of development in a recent interview with ABC 7 News. A 10-year-old study participant, Haley Brown, also shares her excitement: "I think that life’s an incredible thing. And I think that everyone will grow up and as you are aging, you change and your brain changes. And I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!" Click here to watch read/watch (ABC 7 News, 2/22/17)

Students' Space

Student note to her principal

Here’s what one student wrote to her principal after the outreach event at her school:

"Dear Mrs. Noel,
Thank you so much for doing that. We had so much fun! We learned about so much stuff. Like if you hit the ground really hard your skull will hit your head. You are really nice. We felt goat brains, and did something else. It was really fun. Thank you for all you do."

Did You Know?

Did You Know that playing a musical instrument can improve your reaction times? In one experiment, musicians and non-musicians clicked a button as fast as possible whenever they heard a sound. Musicians were faster to react to the sounds than non-musicians. This research showed one way that playing a musical instrument can change your brain.

You can read more at Science Daily.

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