Dr. Marie Banich

Marie Banich, Ph.D.
University of Colorado Boulder

Dr. Marie Banich is a Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she also serves as Director of their neuroimaging center. Her research specializes in using brain imaging techniques to understand the neural systems that allow us to direct our thoughts and actions so as to prioritize, organize, and target our behavior in a goal-oriented manner—abilities often referred to as executive function. She investigates how these systems work in people in general, and how they may be disrupted in individuals with various neurological and psychiatric issues. Currently, her work is focused on understanding how brain development during adolescence influences executive function. Dr. Banich also enjoys teaching. In addition to training graduate students and classroom teaching, she is currently working on the fourth edition of her textbook entitled Cognitive Neuroscience, which surveys the brain systems that support mental functions ranging from language to social interaction. When not immersed in science, she enjoys playing tennis, hiking in the Colorado mountains, and spending time in Italy, where she lived for 6 months as a Fulbright Senior Scholar.

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